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High School and College Educators join EQ to enable their students and themselves to gain access to expedition leaders and experts who have field experience in the outdoors. Registered teachers and their designated students receive EQ Digital Badges which identify them as approved EQ members. Educators create membership codes for each class which instantly gives students access to experts in science and the outdoors.

EQ Educators are the filters which enable students to gain unprecedented access to experts who agree to be contacted.

EQ Members (experts in various disciplines) can limit which students are able to send them questions based on their location. For example, an Astronaut on the International Space Station or a Mt. Everest climber may want to give first priority to students based in his or her home state or country.

Bonafide educators can contact other educators (worldwide) to establish “sister” programs, connect with expedition leaders in the field, and approach various non-profits for assistance in sponsorship and funding.

Educators are encouraged to submit the best student digital media projects (two per class) concerning climate change and global warming effects (student papers, interviews, YouTube videos, etc.) with ExpeditionQuest for inclusion in EQ News or on Class Quest.

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