Environmental education is a primary goal for EQ and to that end we will grant full, free access to registered K-12 educators to help them inform, inspire and empower their students. Certified educators receive EQ digital badges that establish their credibility within the EQ community. EQ Educators can issue digital Student badges to their classes which help identify them to scientists, field researchers, and other expedition leaders and experts worldwide.

EQ's ClassQuest enables students around the world to communicate with expedition leaders during an expedition. Now students can be there when the sailor decides to take the wrong tack, the climber risks going down to Camp 3 for oxygen bottles in a storm, the ornithologist chooses to miss the last boat out, the archaeologist uncovers a vital link while in occupied territory, and the diver goes on reserve to get the last photograph.

Recently, we have designed a mobile app for the EPA which enables students to share stories about the effects of climate change in their neighborhood, and a unique program for Sound Experience students which incorporates mobile technologies, geocaching, and gamification on board the 133 foot schooner the Adventuress as part of its educational curriculum.
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