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solo 2017|| will steger
The departure point of this year’s solo will be 150 travel-miles northeast of Ely, Minnesota, in northwestern Ontario. I’ll start at Burchell Lake, the headwaters of the Waweag River. It features smal...
Duration : Not Available
2018 north pole unassisted, unsupported expedition
The North Pole, often known as the home of Santa, is located on a floating ice pack situated in the Arctic Ocean in the northern hemisphere. Walking on frozen water, there is a risk of falling through...
Duration : Not Available
circumnaviation via bicycle
In August 2013, Dimitri will set off on the next section of his circumnavigation on bicycle from Kharkhorin, Western Mongolia to Western Africa, via China, Kazakhstan and multiple other countries. ...
Duration : Jul 2013 -
overland from kangding to yushu
The 850 kilometer overland journey from Kangding (Dartsedo) to Yushu (Jyekundo) is one of my favorite routes to travel in the Kham region of eastern Tibet. The landscape along the way has just about e...
Duration : Not Available
mt. kailash and western tibet
Covering an area more than twice the size of Germany and larger than the US state of Texas, western Tibet is barren, but is a ruggedly beautiful area that few foreign travelers experience. Western Tib...
Duration : Not Available
cycling in tibet
Many people ask if it is possible to cycle in Tibet. Not only is it possible to cycle in Tibet, it has become very popular over the past 10 years. The same travel regulations apply however, if you wan...
Duration : Not Available
maryland to alaska
At 2:53 PM on Thursday April 19, 2012 I left Westminster, MD and began the 3,500 mile trek across the country. Yes, at the age of 45, I quit my professional career, loaded my 17 year old pickup truck...
Duration : Not Available
expedition utah— relic run
As you sit in your office staring out the window dreaming of being somewhere, anywhere but here your phone rings. It\'s your boss reminding you that the TPS report is due by noon and he wants to see i...
Duration : Not Available
overlanding the western alps, part 1
Our 5200 pound behemoth lies in a small clearing overlooking a rocky gorge. Cool air rising from the stream below makes the morning a bit colder. The FJ Cruiser is fully deployed in camp mode like an ...
Duration : Not Available
pedaling in place: the bolivia journal
The days between blend. Though that’s usually a plaint, here it’s a reassurance, not every event is a distinct bounded object, movement through the hill rises and basins achieving a blurred continuity...
Duration : Not Available
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