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NYT Science 2018-10-17 02:50:49
How genetic sleuthing helped a kidnapped girl recover her identity https://t.co/t3DvNgAX3W
Planet Green 2018-10-17 02:41:01
Used oyster shells are saving New York City's harbor: https://t.co/E2neb9dPd9 #NYC #newyorkcity #oysters
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By comparing city and country rats around Toronto from the 19th century, researchers were able to show that the urb… https://t.co/rFRlwHEn6V
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They say "reading is fundamental," and now a new study shows having lots of books can help kids later in life:… https://t.co/ddIG7nwQlw
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13 odd facts about Edgar Allan Poe https://t.co/y7hk1XAjs3 https://t.co/NmsVvsGCs6
Planet Green 2018-10-17 02:06:02
What can be cuter than watching a bee emerge from it's "bee-rito" https://t.co/Js1Nj4mSdh #bees #caughtoncamera https://t.co/8meS9UAnx7
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