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punta venado
A group consisting of Alejandro Alvarez, Fred Devos, Chris Le Maillot, Simon Richards and Daniel Riordan spent the first two weeks of December 2004 exploring in Quintana Roo, focusing on the Punta Ven...
Duration : Not Available
sistema maya
Looks can often be deceiving. This was the case with the tannic, stagnant pool of water off the coast of Tulum. The entrance was a mere crack - just wide enough for a diver to enter with doubles. Not ...
Duration : Not Available
the snowy river formation in fort stanton cave
The Snowy River formation, located in a recently discovered passage in Fort Stanton Cave, New Mexico, may be the world’s longest continuous cave deposit. The formation is composed of white calcite tha...
Duration : Not Available
york university exploration in montenegro
For the past few years a team of students and graduates from York University Cave and Pothole Club have been running an expedition to the the mountains of Durmitor, Montenegro. This limestone massif i...
Duration : Not Available
explorations in the picos de europa
For several decades people have been exploring the potholes of the Picos de Europa in northern Spain. This region has been uplifted and eroded to form a limestone mountain range stretching to 2700m ab...
Duration : Not Available
the story behind phantom cave, the deepest underwater cave in the usa
Deep in the west Texas desert lies Phantom Springs Cave. Exploration divers there hit a record depth of 462 ffw / 140.8 m, making it the deepest underwater cave system in the United States! The team...
Duration : Not Available
cavers discover southeast asia’s longest lava tube
A dozen lava tubes, including one now considered to be the longest in Southeast Asia, have recently been discovered in Vietnam. In late February, a group of cavers from Germany’s Speläoclub Berlin dep...
Duration : Not Available
cave divers extend sweden’s longest underwater cave
A cave diving expedition earlier this month in Sweden’s Bjurälven Nature Reserve has further increased the length of Sweden’s longest underwater cave. Located in Jämtland mountains in northern Sweden,...
Duration : Not Available
sistema huautla becomes deepest cave in the western hemisphere
Cavers on an expedition to Sistema Huautla in southern Mexico have recently announced that they have reached a new depth of 1,545 meters (5,069 feet), once again making Sistema Huautla the deepest cav...
Duration : Not Available
croatian cave expedition visits merapoh, malaysia
This past September, nine cavers from Croatia (from SOŽ – Speleološki odsjek HPD Željezničar and SOV – Speleološki odsjek PDS Velebit), plus myself (based in Kuala Lumpur) joined up with Malaysians fr...
Duration : Not Available
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