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peru expedition rewrites list of the world’s highest caves
A recent expedition to Peru has completely re-written the list of the world’s highest caves.The six-week long adventure, which began in late September, saw an international team of 10 highly experienc...
Duration : Not Available
new connection results in slovenia’s longest cave
Earlier this week cavers taking part in the 2012 Sledi Vetra expedition successfully connected two caves to form the longest cave in Slovenia. Measuring in at 24.9 kilometers (15.4 miles) long and 975...
Duration : Not Available
world’s deepest cave becomes slightly deeper
An expedition inside Krubera-Voronja, the world’s deepest cave, has increased the depth by another 5 meters (16 feet). According to initial reports, on August 10th Ukrainian cave diver, Gennady Samokh...
Duration : Not Available
belize deep cave exploration & archaeological project
An archeological expedition to the jungle of Belize, exploring and surveying a cave over 60 meters (200 feet) deep in search of fossils and Mayan artifacts...
Duration : Not Available
2013 j2 expedition
On March 13 Marcin Gala and Phil Short cracked Sump 4 in J2. They had been underground for 15 days when the first exploration dive took place. Approximately 150 meters into the dive they had to repair...
Duration : Not Available
call of the abyss 2013: expedition to the world’s deepest caves
The Ukrainian Speleological Association is accepting applications from cavers interested in participating in 2013 Call of the Abyss project, an ongoing international expedition to visit the world’s de...
Duration : Jul 2013 - Aug 2013
madre de dios speleo
Rarely visited, Madre de Dios and neighbouring islands are part of one of the harshest wilderness areas in the world where gale force winds and up to 8m of annual rain have sculpted a unique karst lan...
Duration : Not Available
bermuda: search for deep water caves 2009
Deep-water marine caves are one of the Earth\'s last largely unexplored frontiers of undiscovered fauna (animal life). More than 150 limestone caves are known to exist in or near the island of Bermuda...
Duration : Sep 2009 - Sep 2009
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