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MotherNatureNetwork 2018-10-23 20:00:18
The Titanic II will set sail in 2022, following the same route as its ill-fated predecessor (but with plenty of lif… https://t.co/UBxEzPOLue
geosociety 2018-10-23 19:59:28
RT @AGI_Updates: Congratulations to our 2018 award winners: Dr. Scott W. Tinker (@txgeosciences), Mr. Rex C. Buchanan (@ksgeology, retired)…
NASA Kennedy / KSC 2018-10-23 19:59:01
.@NASA and @northropgrumman have delayed the launch of the agency’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer #NASAICON, to c… https://t.co/Y1pIc65AHO
NOAA Digital Coast 2018-10-23 19:55:13
Charleston, #SC has seen its share of #HighTideFlooding. Viewing current & future flood scenarios in a map enables… https://t.co/swlubnVN8r
Sail-World.com 2018-10-23 19:51:00
50th Rolex Middle Sea Race update: The Bowling Alley - #RolexMiddleSeaRace https://t.co/La9Y2kTNhd https://t.co/w77W14jtKv
Archaeology Magazine 2018-10-23 19:46:02
Wooden Figurines Discovered at Chan Chan https://t.co/c2JEP3zeO7
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